100 artists build a seamless 3D contraption from a single prompt

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I teamed up with PNY and NVIDIA to host my third big render challenge. For Dynamic Machines, I challenged 3D artists to guide a chrome ball from point A to point B in the most creative way possible. Nearly 2,000 artists entered, and in this video, the Top 100 renders are featured from an incredible community of 3D artists! Thanks to everyone who worked hard to submit and congratulations to the winners!

Artist credit is attatched below their respective render (indicated by the arrows beside each placard.) Here’s an artist list as well: Google Sheets: Sign-in

U.S. Winners
1st: Brandon Troyer
2nd: Steve Ptasinski
3rd: Rocky Wong

International Winners
1st: Robert Kouts
2nd: Chieh Cheng
3rd: Doug Wilson

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