A note on Tesla, Gravity & Magnetics

Gravity, as a force in its own right, indeed does not exist as science currently believes it to.

Gravity is magnetics compressed. Magnetics is an expression of Da, which is a core ingredient of active reality creation that you know in your being as Love.

When magnetics, an expression of Love, compresses, it first does so by moving from an undefined to a defined state, i.e it expresses itself in geometry. Then, this geometry condenses into energy, which condenses into matter, and, ultimately, into gravity consciousness.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San



I remember years ago being shocked that standard Einstein-era physics did not account for gravity in its unified field theories; it just didn’t make sense to me since it is such a significant factor in planetary life. With newer research in quantum physics and scientists such as Nassim Harramein exploring gravity, aether, the vacuum, dark matter, geometry, consciousness, and the like further, we are sure to see continued expansion of thought, experimentation, and theorization in the scientific world. What great fun it would be, though, for this expansion to actually explain magnetics, and all creation, and all life, as an expression of Love (or “imzaia” which is Love expressed)!I am very much looking forward to the unification of the physical and metaphysical in all areas of life continuing to evolve, and sooner rather than later.:sparkling_heart: Thank you @akeneic for this wonderful explanation, also shared in imzaia teachings years ago.:pray::heart_eyes::pray: