A Time for Love - The Equalization Steve Rother

Message of hope from the group from ESPAVOtv at www.Espavo.org


San’a’ke :pray::sparkling_heart: It’s always nice to connect to the group and Steve Rother. :sparkling_heart:

The heart of the matter in this video, paraphrased a little: You feel the changes happening on earth and if there is a reaction to what is happening based on fear, know that every change is for the better. Mastery does not control you. The nice side of any fear is to fill in the blanks first. You can’t hold fear and love at the same time because the opening is happening now, and humanity is equalizing. Just go to Love; that is the imbalance that is changing, and it is entirely up to you. As humans, you have a need to love and to be loved, after all. We can love ourselves out of the illusion of difficulties, open our hearts, and make a difference by expressing and passing unconditional love onto others.

Fall in love, take one step at a time, and keep going!

Espavo, indeed! :sparkling_heart::fire::sparkling_heart:

Thank you for posting this, Da Grace Gayasha San :pray: