A Vision of Hope For The New Earth

Source: Brian Scott YT Channel/The Reality Revolution:

"This was made you, for you. I do not know you – or do I? We are linked by the mere you are watching this video. And because, on the deeper, higher, grander level, we are all parts of one stupendous Whole, an awakening being, called Humanity.

Through us both pulsates the flow of life. We are alive. And life axiomatically is something which cannot die. It makes no sense to think it can be extinguished. We experience ourselves as a being of life, inhabiting a very astonishing structure of sensitivity and capacity called a body.

Think imaginatively. Start from here. If you are young, then I urge you to see, with courage, that you are incarnated in perhaps the most dramatic and exciting period and generation in human history. If you, are of advancing years, then look forward with keen anticipation to what may come after your release and realize that the present period of alarms and disturbances is one of transition and cleansing of the planet at the opening of a new earth. We each of us have a part to play in this cosmic drama. We are called on to change our thinking. “Change your thinking, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand within you.” That is the clarion call, given two thousand years ago by Him who now overlights the great transition into a new epoch.

The New Earth is not a cult. We are called on to explore into the realm of living divine ideas. This is a stage of breakthrough for the human mind. Let’s try to summarize it. The basic concept is that the thing in you and me which can say “I” is a droplet of divinity, a spark of God, housed temporarily in a body in order to experience lessons of creative freedom which only Earth can teach. Now, I can’t prove that. It is an idea. The critical intellect can demand proof before accepting it. But spiritual ideas can’t be proven in the way science studies facts. The spirit bloweth where it listeth."

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