Ado'ka: Now skyrocketing my inner flow

Beloved imzaia,
Beloved One,
Beloved All beings
Honoleia i’imzaia’e
" iam now skyrocketing my inner flow!"
Well-being to all beings
O’i’da vish ka’ra imzaia’e
May San flow through our akene always, allways
360°, a 1044 overlapping vectors
within Lifeforce, Loveforce as Truthforce
San’a’kaya Ohami da’ba’vish’ka’ra
Ba declaration on my free-will iam in joyfull service to the whole!
Blessings to all beings
Eja’i. imzaia’e ka’ra oja’i
Iam Da JoY’Ya San
and i belove in celebrating with us, Shi’ish ka’ra imzaia’e
Eja’i shi’ha’lyn i’imzaia’e
Da’ka’ya to one our beloved Lemurian Legacy

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