All Lakota Prophecies Have Come True Except One & It's Coming!

Source: Inspired YT Channel:

“The great Lakota Chief Crazy Horse saw a number of prophecies during his last vision quest. All have come to pass but one. It’s coming. Soon.”
~ Lakota Elder David Swallow

Personal Note: I once spent several days in ceremony and celebration at the foot of the U.S. Washington Monument with tribal elders from North, Central, and South America. We kept a sacred fire going throughout, danced, shared stories, wisdom, inspiration, intentions for a New Earth, a peace pipe, and most of all, our hearts and the oneness we truly are.

This is a very short video, which I am sharing to honor our beautiful elders and the beautiful spirit in all of us, and to say, thank you! There is only one vision left, it’s coming, and echoing one of the comments: “Hold the line, guys. Everything finally falls into place.”


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