Ancient Psychotechnology to AWAKEN The Spiritual Warrior

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Oct 26, 2022: In one of the top 3 most powerful podcasts I have ever been a part of, Dr. John Churchill breaks down the mystical Tibetan Buddhist psychotechnology that holds the codes to awaken the spiritual warrior in us all. Holding a doctorate in psychology, John is also deeply steeped in psycho-spiritual development, Integral Theory, contemplative studies, Western Esotericism, and has spent over 30 years training in the Indo-Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist lineage. We discuss a wide array of topics, including spiritual practices focused on trait development, how “Empire” has amassed control, what it means to be a spiritual warrior, and how all of this plays in the new story of the emergent world.

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Time Stamps:
00:00- Intro
1:40- Empire Wiped Out Ancient Wisdom Traditions
10:30- Indo-Tibetan Buddhist ‘Right Imagination’ | WWJD?
17:50- Deep Structure of The Human Psyche & Levels Of Development
26:50- Buddhist Path To Building A Stable Psyche
33:10- Cause & Effect and Suffering
49:47- Buddhist Psycho-Technology: Insight Practice
1:04:04- All Is Mind: Synchronicity
1:09:16- The Sacred Has Desire: Participating In Evolution
1:13:20- Mother Tantra & Father Tantra | Symbols & Archetypes
1:35:25- Building An Initiatory System To Move Into A New Age
1:37:50- “When You Control Time, You Control Everybody”
1:42:59- Reincarnation & The Path Of The Spiritual Warrior
1:55:09- The Deepest Magic | Tantra IS Alchemy
1:58:47- Mythic Consciousness & The Morphogenic Field
2:09:34- Architecting Decentralized Contemporary Initiatory Systems

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