Animal Communication: Understanding How Animals Communicate and Feel/Film

Source: wocomoWILDLIFE You Tube Channel

Feb 9, 2020: This film tells the story of Laïla Del Monte, a world-famous animal communicator. Animal communication is the ability to understand what the animal feels using intuition and empathy. This phenomenon, born in the USA, is now spreading to Europe. Quite a few certitudes are being questioned and just as the latest discoveries in ethology show, the frontier between Man and Animal is becoming thinner.

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Through a series of encounters with specialists, Laïla shows that animals feel a wide range of emotions and that they do, in fact, have a conscience. This is a unique testimony, which broadens the way we look at animals and invites us to undertake the very same journey within our inner selves.

Original title: Dans la peau des animaux
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