Are we the next lost civilization?

"I’ve been waiting to have a podcast with Graham Hancock for over a decade now, and the timing couldn’t be better! Graham is both an experienced psychonaut as well as a controversial investigative journalist who has put forward convincing evidence of lost civilizations, potentially with advanced spiritual technology and an ominous warning for our time. Graham’s findings point to the likelihood of a major forgotten episode in the human story- a lost advanced civilization that flourished during the ice age, and was almost completely destroyed in a series of cataclysms that brought the ice age to an end.

His findings have drawn vicious attacks from both the academic community and liberal media, as they fly in the face of the mainstream scientific narrative. But very few people have dared to actually debate the compelling evidence that he presents in both his books, and the new hit series on Netflix called Ancient Apocalypse.

In this exciting and wide ranging podcast, we dive into his body of work while exploring topics like psychedelics, reincarnation, the nature of consciousness itself, dark entities, lost technologies, Atlantis, and much more. I also get to introduce him to some of the stories from four time podcast guest Matias De Stefano. Whether or not you have heard him on the Joe Rogan Experience, this is a unique conversation not to be missed!" - Aubrey Marcus

Time Stamps:
00:00- Intro
2:04- Graham’s Thesis & Overthrowing Paradigms
18:00- Evolving Past The Tribal Mindset
23:55- Matias De Stefano Atlantis Story & Reincarnation
31:47- Psychedelics & Sovereignty of Consciousness
42:30- DMT, Entities, Gnosticism, Conquest
1:03:00- Human Sacrifice & Religious Upside Down Wickedness
1:09:50- Lost Technology, Morphic Resonance, Return Of Magic
1:27:20- Attacks From Academics & Reaching People

About the Podcast
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