Are You Ready to go Deeper?

Beloved Imzaia :palm_tree::dolphin::turtle::whale:

Preparations for our upcoming Q&A session on the content presented in my last 5 videos are now complete.

We have a good 10 to 15 questions from the direct students here in Hana San Ka, all of which will be explored in depth in what will most likely be 2 to 3 video sessions, given the scope of the information requested in the questions presented by the direct students.

However, except for a few, we have not received further questions from any of you, connecting to the material out there.

Since I will begin tackling the information requested by the direct students in a first recording session tomorrow, there still is time for you to consider what you would like to see deepened or explored further.

Should you like to contribute to these upcoming Q&A sessions, I do ask you to keep your questions or requests for further information, as much as possible, in the arena of content of the last 5 videos, all of which you can find here, on our Imzaia Live page, for your study or review. We have also added them to the bottom of this newsletter for your convenience.

Once these Q&A recordings are complete, we will continue moving forward with the next steps of the content that is currently presented, in the form of eja’i chi pah sessions (practice of the pah) as well as continued oja’i chi pah (study of the pah).

I look forward to seeing you during these and future sessions.

i’da i’ra o i’karaya :rainbow:
for love, for truth, and from the heart :heart:

Da Pah Kwan Yin San :pray:

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San’a’ke :heart:
Da’ka’ya and looking forward for the future sessions and learn more about the Eja’i chi Pah and oja ‘I chi pah​:pray:t3:
i’da i’ra o i’karaya
Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San


Could you talk more about our about Kakras? I still refer to my artwork as about the chakras and dantian energy centers - but really they are about the “Kakras”:Chakras/Dantian merged
(I was checking the spelling used here but could not find the equivalent of this)
or whether it is more relevant to talk about how our Merkaba field could be modified at this time.
thanks dhyana


Thank you for your questions! We have added them to our list and will share them with Da Pah Kwan Yin San so they can be answered on Imzaia Live here: Imzaia Live – Imzaia World :pray: