Ayahuasca: Drink The Jungle

Source: Aubrey Marcus YT Channel:

"This documentary follows Aubrey Marcus and company through a powerful Ayahuasca ceremony at Spiritquest Sanctuary in Peru. Under the guidance of Don Howard and his team of ayahuasca shamans, Aubrey and his tribe experience deeply vulnerable transformational experiences. This beautifully cinematic journey is directed by Mitch Schultz, the director of DMT the Spirit Molecule, with an original soundtrack by Poranguí.

Aubrey first began speaking about Ayahuasca on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in 2011. Since then he has appeared in dozens of other documentaries and media outlets commenting on Ayahuasca. The documentary seeks to help the viewer answer the following questions for themselves:

What is Ayahuasca?
What is it like to take Ayahuasca?
What visions do you have while on Ayahuasca?
What emotional breakthroughs occur during an Ayahuasca ceremony?
Should I take ayahuasca?

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