Become Awake Now! Russell Brand & Eckhart Tolle: Full Episode

An in-depth discussion between Russel Brand and Eckhart Tolle in Russel Brand’s Under the Skin Podcast about recognizing and awakening out of egoic mind patterns into presence using adversity and challenges on both personal and collective levels, within the backdrop of the current COVID “virus” and its impacts globally.

Eckhart Tolle teaches that presence is available to us in every moment. Deepening Into stillness will allow us to heighten our awareness of stillness and bring presence into every area of our lives - no matter the demands of daily life which can feel distracting, chaotic, and overwhelming.

A few selected comments:

“Allowing Eckhart to share without interruption, Russell is showing his own deep wisdom. Eckhart’s explaining the entire secret to life right here”

“With absolute certainty this podcast was, is and will remain the most impactful two hours of all 50 yrs I’ve been living this life. However finding any words to illustrate exactly why that it is has me perplexed. There are no words I believe this is a “sacred” masterpiece graciously shared having one goal in mind- to end human suffering.
Thank you Russel”

“The power in realising that our reality is an inside job, a creation of the human mind and not a product of circumstance is the ultimate game changer! That which is beyond our individuality, (ideas of self) unites all human life - if only we awaken to see it!”

Premiered Jun 27, 2020, 991,391 views as of this posting to Imzaia City.