BREAKING: Full 1.5hr video of DAY ONE OF GRAND JURY Re. Crimes Against Humanity


Celebrated by many as ‘Nuremburg 2.0’, convened not by complicit governements but by the people, check out Day 1 of the international criminal grand jury convened by Reiner Fuellmich and a group of international lawyers to hear crimes against humanity as a result of a planned pandemic, an integral part of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset plan to decrease and completely subjugate the world’s population and economies for maximum power, profit and control.

Due to censorship potential, the entire proceedings can be found on Odysee, so if interested in following now or as an important historical event, be sure to bookmark this page as the grand jury progresses, as well as to view opening statements and other clips.

Commentary from one viewer from Twitter: “For the last two years I’ve warned people that this has been a plandemic to introduce a one world government, one currency by the use of a social credit score and depopulation. Hearing all these claims from this Grand Jury floored me.”

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