Brecht Arnaert on The Trueman Show

Video in Dutch, with English Subtitles.

The Trueman Show #44 Brecht Arnaert

For this 44th episode, we once again drove to Belgium, to the Gent area. I am so grateful I get to talk with people from so many different countries. This goes beyond borders. Anyway, we drive to the Gent region, to a small village called Hansbeke. Here we find the Authentic Wellnesshoeve, with a lovely spot outside in front of a gypsy wagon. This is where we meet with Brecht Arnaert. Brecht currently lives in Madrid, so that is why he chose this spot for our conversation.

Brecht is an economist, ex-political worker, editor-in-chief of, researcher of the occult side of the monetary system, PhD student at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid and has been doing research for many years about how the world works. His latest research was focused on health and the existence of viruses.

At the start of the conversation we focused on the monetary system. What is the origin of the monetary system? Who profits? What is happening at this moment? And what is going to happen in the future? It was so interesting to hear the origin of the system and how deep the creation of the system goes. In the second half of the podcast we talked extensively on Brecht’s latest research, which are viruses. Based on research by Dr. Hamer and Dr. Lanka, Brecht claims that viruses do not exist. That this is one of the biggest illusions we live in and shows that health should be viewed from a completely different perspective. What does cause illness if not a virus? He explains this in the podcast.

He learned a lot from the research of Dr. Stefan Lanka. This man won two lawsuits where he stated that the virus that causes measles has never been isolated. We talk about this in the podcast as well. Brecht is trying to get Dr. Lanka to come to Belgium and the Netherlands for some lectures. Brecht is selling videos of the last congress he organized, at this congress this subject was talked about extensively by experts. You can buy this video material here: Brecht Arnaert tickets powered by Tixoom

You can also follow Brecht and his work on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @brechtzegt

I have been wanting to talk about these subjects for a while now. A lot of people tipped me about this theory and I feel that it is extremely important to share this with all of you. Not to simply take it as the truth, but because it provides a different perspective to look at things. Because by now we can be sure that a lot of things are not what they appear to be.

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