Brocken Spectre at Hurricane Ridge. Nature’s gift. Rare rainbow phenomenon

Brocken Spectre at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park. Nature’s gift.

Nikki K
I had a pretty horrible morning yesterday and drove up to Hurricane Ridge for some nature and mountain therapy. I spent several hours meadow sitting and watching clouds play in the wind. I decided to go hiking as the sun began to sink and I climbed up to a ridge and met a nice gentleman there. We chatted about mountain things as mountain people do and as I watched the clouds in the valley to the west he noticed a rainbow behind us.

I stood up to see what I now know is called a Brocken Spectre or a Mountain Spectre. It is a rare phenomenon where the low angle of the sun on one side of you casts your shadow onto a cloud on the opposite side and magnifies it and refracts the sunlight.

Thinking it was going to be gone in a second I snapped as many pictures as I could but it hung around for about half an hour. It was such an amazing gift. My new friend and I stood in awe soaking it in and playing with our aura cast shadows. My shadow didn’t interfere with his as he had his very own rainbow. There were a total of 5 people who walked up the ridge while this was happening. But just the two of us reveled in the phenomenon until it was gone.

It was one of the most amazing gifts the mountains have ever given me and I felt so lucky to have experienced it.