Clean your Blood

In this video, Da Jamie San talks about a common wild plant called Burdock, and it’s incredible uses as a food and a healing medicine. Interacting with the wild plants around you allows you to connect with Gaia in a way few people do. The Earth is covered with her gifts to us, that keep our body healthy and strong with ease.

Burdock specifically is one of, if not the most powerful cleaners of the blood, which delivers energy and nourishment to our whole body!


Hi Stephen,

Thank you very much for posting this video. So beautiful to see the gifts the earth provides us with. Thank you to Da Jamie San for the information.


Hi Amy! San’a’ke! It is my pleasure! I am also in gratitude for the treasures the Earth gives us and to Jamie for sharing this knowledge.


Lovely video that really speaks to Gaia in me :heart: There is a cornucopia of nutritional and medicinal plants for the benefit of all Life provided by our beloved Gaia :heart: It’s wonderful that people like Jamie make sure that the knowledge about these precious gifts is passed on. :pray:


Hi, dear Stephan and Jamie! Nature truly provides all that we need. I’d love to see more of these videos (I have never even heard of Burdock :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) Thank you for your post and passionate advocacy for natural, healthy ingredients to aid our physical vessel while here on Earth! :sparkling_heart::pray:

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Hi Amber! Thank you for the lovely message! It is truly wonderful that Gaia offers so many natural medicinal aids to play with. :earth_africa::sparkles: It’s an honour to share it with as many people as we can. :blue_heart:


It truly is wonderful. Glad you enjoyed the video! Jamie does an amazing job of inspiring us to explore the magic that Gaia provides. His talks are one of a kind! :pray::blue_heart::pray: