Could New Discoveries Solve the Mystery of the Amazon and Ayahuasca?

Source: The Psychedelic Blog

June 3, 2022 by Andrew M. Weisse Andrew

Addressing the question ‘How did humanity discover Ayahuasca?’, self-proclaimed blogger, tech executive, fitness addict, and psychedelic traveler, Andrew M. Weiss, makes a compelling argument, citing Graham Hancock’s research, regarding the likelihood that advanced civilizations prior to a great cataclysm brought knowledge of its use to humanity… a knowledge that lives on today.

“What is more likely - two plants miles away from one another ‘communicated’ to a primitive tribe in the Amazon jungle OR a very advanced civilization learned how to synthesize and take powerful drugs, and that civilization was subsequently wiped out by a cosmic event? We know asteroids & comets hit the Earth (think Dinosaurs). We also know that humans love drugs and cultivating & taking them has been part of many if not all civilizations.”

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For more info, regarding Graham Hancock’s discoveries: The Amazon Mystery - Graham Hancock Official Website