Da Solarys San - The Final Test: "That is the true disclosure, humanity."

This is an excerpt from The Final Test Part 3 recorded in Tintagel, October 10th 2010. Da Solarys spoke about extra-terra-estrials.

Check out your scientific journals and see how dazzled your scientists are with what is happening to the brain, and more particularly to the lobes of the brain. See how dazzled they are and puzzled with the concept of the reunification of the brain that is no longer a theory, but that is happening to ALL life on the planet, not just humans – dogs, cats, mice, insects… and even has come to the point now where children are being born on planet Earth with a completely unified brain.

That is the true disclosure, humanity. Not the disclosure that very soon from now you will start hearing come in through your media, not the disclosure of supposed ‘alien’ life on this planet, but the fact that you are moving back into unity. And this is what it means. The entire ‘alien’ concept – and I speak not of extra-terra-estrials, but alien (again a word to replace a word that actually makes sense and simply says what it is: extraterrestrial), alien – hm, very different concepts, are they not? You even have it between your countries. Those that are here today from different countries than the UK are technically speaking considered ‘aliens’ by the government that runs this boiling pot called ‘the United Kingdom’. How separated you are made and believed to be! Extra-terra-estrial is what you will begin discovering, not through space travel, not through little green men coming into your space, but through the lobes of your brain becoming one. That process is undeniably in progress today, and your science is so scared that it does not dare to speak of this, because you see, it understands what it entails. It understands what this concept means. It understands that you and every other person and being on this planet with you is gaining or (I should say) ‘re-gaining’ consciousness. Regaining, in other words, access to All-That-Is and to the Oneness, and that is underway today.


San a’ke Da Solarys San
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Oh, I remember the Final Test by Da Solarys San with great love and joy, but don’t currently have a copy. Thank you so much for this wonderful post, Da Ekaraia Gaia San :sparkling_heart:

Da Solarys San speaks from the heart of all things and this is surely embraced and felt!

San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e :pray::sparkling_heart:

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