Daniel Giroux's NDE - “The Greatest Surprise of My World!”

Daniel Giroux​ talks about his NDE (Near Death Experience) and what it felt like to die, see the other side, come back and the strange abilities he had afterwards.

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This post is interesting because of the conversation with two persons sharing an experience they both have difficulty to describe. It is nice to see when they totally get what the other is trying to put words on. It is also important that Daniel was alone and no-one was there to confirm he was dead ( not even just nearly…) In my opinion, it makes it more difficult to come back from NDE and interact with other people around you.

As Daniel Giroux and Tricia Barker share here, I also experienced ability to read people thoughts after NDE experiences. I share their feelings about this too! Not always an enjoyable skill.
With much love with Daniel emphasis and much Joy with Tricia laughters :+1::gift_heart::heart:

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“There is only one creative force in the universe and that is Love”

A beautiful NDE sharing by a beautiful being. Thank you, Da Pah Kwan Yin San for sharing this.

May all humanity, and all Life, “grok” this, in all its wholeness, wonder, and beauty!


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