Dark Persuasion: The history of brainwashing of Pavlov to social media

In English with Dutch subtitles.

The Other News, Published On: 28 November 2021

"In this talk, Joel Dimsdale, distinguished professor emeritus of psychiatry at the University of California at San Diego, USA, and author of numerous books and publications on his field, reviews his latest book, “Dark Persuasion – A History of Brainwashing from Pavlov to Social Media.”

For those who have delved into this matter, able to recognize the mechanisms used, it will be easier to fathom what currently has the whole world in its grip.

But those who do not have this kind of information, are in ignorance and live in the perception that governments and defining institutions are doing their utmost for the well-being of the people, will not be able to imagine that it could be different than being programmed to believe in them by the leading (social) media.

Therefore, the information in this video is of great importance. It tells how long there has been a search for ways, regardless of the way to them, ethics does not seem to play a role, to control, direct, manipulate the masses in all their thinking and the resulting actions. Think, for example, of elections, on the basis of which information does someone cast his vote …?

And it shows that there is an unbroken line in this history, through the present towards a future that no one would want for his/her children. The only way to escape this seems to me to be “non- compliance,” or, like that “action” from last year, “I’m not participating anymore.” Civil disobedience en masse, based on common sense, fed by sound and deliberate information.

One small comment on my part, but I don’t think unimportant; at 52:04 in the video a question is asked whether it would be possible to create an assassin through hypnosis, against the will and morality of this person, and without his knowledge, approval or consent.
A so-called Manchurian Candidate."

Credits: Erik van Dijk