David Icke: The Most Honest 10 Minutes of Your Life

David Icke explains how perception creates reality based on our perceptions of self, our own sense of possibility, and the potentials we let in, all of which are mirrored in our experience of life, truths provable more and more in quantum physics and even mainstream science. The physical world, what we call our daily lives, only exists in the form that we think we’re experiencing it. With unconditional love, the energy of the heart, and changing our perceptions, and therefore consciousness, everything changes.


Fantastic short video by beloved David Icke. In ten minutes, he basically teaches us everything about conscious reality creation we need to know and states: it is not as difficult as you think it is - which happens to be one of the Six Simplicities we are being taught at Imzaia.World.


I agree, this is a not to be missed video, 10 minutes of truth and its application :fire: