Deep Listening Technique So POWERFUL It Is Psychedelic | Guy Sengstock on Aubrey Marcus Podcast

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“You want to know the secret of listening? You don’t listen!” Not fully at least. This is what Circling founder Guy Sengstock taught my inner circle and I in a two-day workshop that changed my life. The technology of circling teaches deep listening techniques that provide insights so transcendent and emergent I can only compare them to psychedelics. I have since used the techniques of circling in virtually every emotionally charged or tender conversation I have been a part of since. Whether that is something within my relationship with my wife, my friends, or my business colleagues.

In this podcast we not only explain what Circling is, we model it on the podcast. In addition, we discuss some of the tenets of philosophical fellowship and the Dia Logos method as taught by former podcast guest John Vervaeke.

This podcast provides what I believe to be one of the most ESSENTIAL skills a person can master. Communication is everything, and this podcast will level up your communication skills exponentially."

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