Dissolving Intense Emotions Or Feelings

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Aug 23, 2022: A woman is struggling with intense emotions and feelings. They are painful and distracting her from her work, so she wishes to know how to deal with these feelings that she believes to be negative. Rupert guides her in a quick meditation, showing her how to handle strong emotions and feelings when they arise.

He explains that the first step is to experience the feelings as raw sensations, without the story that comes with them. That is, go to the raw experience divested of thought –or without the label of interpretation – and turn off the subtitles which are an extra layer of story on top of the sensation.

The words we use to explain the feeling – such as: contraction, tense, fear, uncomfortable, separate self – are are not inherent in the sensation itself, they are added by thought. They are the subtitles on the movie.

When we describe the raw sensation alone, all we can say about it is that it is vibrating, tingling, or pulsating. It is not in fact, uncomfortable, unbearable or unpleasant.The experience itself is just like the sensation of your legs on the chair.

The second step is to merge the sensation in consciousness. See that all there is to the sensation is the experience of sensing. Try to touch the stuff that sensing is made of, and you will see that it is only made of knowing.

In other words, it was never a feeling to begin with, then a sensation. It was always only a movement of awareness or consciousness, which modulated itself in the form of sensing. Thought then conceptualised an unbearable sensation.


00:00 Physical Sensation of the Separate Self
00:54 Raw Sensations
02:20 Interpretations of Emotions and Feelings
03:00 A Meditation on Pain and Sensations
05:50 Experiencing Sensations Without Thought
06:23 Your Pain is One With Consciousness
08:22 Understanding Your Pain


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