Eckhart Teaches A Young Man: A Full Length Movie

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In 2005, Eckhart was interview by 23 year-old actor Sean A. Mulvihill for the documentary film, “Living Luminaries: On the Serious Business of Happiness.” In the two-day interview session, Eckhart taught on dozens of topics affecting Sean, a young man finding his way in the world. In this 98 minute video, Eckhart touches on how to deal with illness and loss; how to navigate romantic relationships; how to achieve things in the world without getting lost in them; and Eckhart gives some insight into how he lived after his awakening but before he wrote The Power of Now.

The full documentary film which features Eckhart’s interview can be seen at

Where is Sean (the guy who interviewed Eckhart in this video) now? You can hear him talk about how his interview with Eckhart Tolle changed his life here: Where is Sean Now? - YouTube

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With Eckhart Tolle and Sean A. Mulvihill
Also featuring Kim Eng
Directed by Larry Kurnarsky
Producers: Michael Lasky, Gene and Arlene Sloan, Ellie Partovi, and Sean A. Mulvihill
Cinematography by Keith Holland
Funded by Wanna Be Now, LLC
Filmed in Vancouver, BC

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