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The description below is “google-translated” from Dutch to English:

‘Endless Consciousness’ - documentary 86’ minutes © EMS FILMS

A cinematic exploration of how near-death experiences transform the lives of ordinary people and how this experience changes our everyday conceptions of life and death. The book Endless Consciousness by cardiologist Pim van Lommel radically changed the understanding of life for many people.

The book is the result of twenty years of scientific research into people’s experiences with a so-called near-death experience (or NDE). Director Mark Verkerk (Buddha’s Lost Children, De Nieuwe Wildernis) was inspired by this book, for this documentary by a statement by Van Lommel:

“If you assume that science is materialistic, you by definition eliminate consciousness. Because consciousness is not to measure. I can never scientifically prove that someone is in love or finds a painting very beautiful. And yet it is the greatest reality a person has. So I suppose you have to have a different kind of science that also allows for subjective elements. For me, science means asking questions with an open mind.”

Direction & screenplay: Mark Verkerk With: Pim van Lommel, Raymond Moody, Carlo Leget, Joke Endedijk – van der Jagt, Cindy Wielders, Paul Derks, Bart Sikkens and Reinier TilanusCamera: Mark Verkerk and René Heijnen Producer: Ton Okkerse


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In Engish, with english subtitles/closed captioning.

Source: The Martinus Institute