Eric Weinstein: Difficult Conversations, Freedom of Speech, and Physics | Lex Fridman Podcast #163

Eric Weinstein is a mathematical physicist and podcaster

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0:00​ - Introduction
1:29​ - Aliens and physics
5:14​ - Breaking the frame of conversation
6:59​ - Time travel across multiple dimensions
13:10​ - Is the government in possession of alien spacecraft?
19:33​ - Freedom of speech
30:52​ - Elon Musk
32:09​ - Idealism of every era
35:29​ - Non-locality of free speech in the Internet age
41:05​ - Glenn Beck
43:00​ - Joe Rogan
47:44​ - Freedom and fear
49:16​ - Jeffrey Epstein
52:56​ - Aaron Swartz
58:32​ - Jeffrey Epstein and Geometric Unity
1:18:07​ - Cancel culture
1:20:09​ - Alex Jones
1:29:03​ - Curtis Yarvin
1:33:42​ - Michael Malice
1:36:02​ - Intellectual Dark Web
1:42:54​ - Innovation
1:56:13​ - Economics
2:03:31​ - Cryptocurrency
2:09:39​ - Geometric Unity paper
2:26:44​ - David Goggins challenge
2:28:07​ - Father and son


With all of the media/social media censorship, emphasis on manufactured “wokeness” and cancel culture in recent times, I had been looking for something with significant substance to post about freedom of speech here. It’s an easy subject to consider from a one-dimensional perspective: the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and its a right all Americans and a good deal of the world desire, expect and/or are willing to fight for, with many oppressed populations still blatantly forbidden self-expression not deemed appropriate by the “state”, and others gagged and controlled by mass media and social media propaganda and political narratives. Even to have a conversation about freedom of speech would indeed have to include some level of bias based on experience, belief, and other human motivations.

This podcast does an excellent job, in my opinion, digging into today’s societal culture from multiple angles via fascinating conversation, and the seeming conundrums or opportunities for change, that we face today in media, government. academia, politics, and more, bubble up to the surface to be honestly explored. … at the end of the day, inferring that what we really need is open and honest conversation…and I would add, referencing a quote by Da Pah Lao Tze San, awareness that “the mind thinks it knows; the heart knows it thinks”, an embodied willingness and passion to be in service to the whole and to lead from the heart.

Certainly, a conversation for the fulfillment of the promise of a New Earth.