EU citizens in European Parliament fighting for freedom and human rights, Dec. 1, 2021!

Source: Anthony Staboulous YT Channel, December 3, 2021:

EU citizens Anthony Stabourlos (Strategist) and Tamara Jubitana (Government Lawyer) fighting for your rights in the European Parliament on 1/12/2021 to end this tyranny!

Tamara Jubitana:
‘Before we will pitch, I have óne request: could all UN-vaccinated people please leave this conference room immediately?
(Drop silence, throw speech on the ground and walk away myself)
(Walk back and resume)
Do you have the right to NOT answer this question?
Based on medical confidentiality.
Why is a restaurant allowed to ask for a QR-code?
But if you want to go to the restaurant of the House of Parliament this doesn’t happen?
These are just a few daily examples illustrating the use of the Corona Passport.
Is this allowed?
Is this legal?
I will give the word to my fellow defender of Human rights, Anthony Stabourlos.

Anthony Stabourlos:
What is happening right now globally regarding the Corona Passport destroys fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens detrimentally.
In the past we had ‘Nuremberg Trials’ for this.
The system of Checks & Balances and democracy must be repaired and therefore we plead for the implementation of an independent ad hoc authority named:
The Independent European Human Rights Authority.

This Authority will guarantee and protect independent and transparent fair trials.
The Corona Passport will be the first to be submitted to the assessment of the principles of proportionality and subsidiarity. The Authority will also give citizens the opportunity and the right to initiate a Tribunal. It is important for mankind that there is a dissenting voice coming from the citizens and that the extreme inhuman torture will be stopped.

In the meantime: what do we urge the citizens across the entire globe to do against this tyranny? We request all Merchants, all event organizers, all businesses big and small, all hotels, restaurants and cafes, the fundamentals of social life, to not ask for a QR code anymore.

Fellow citizens, we urge you to not use your QR-app anymore and we strongly advise all citizens to delete their QR-app from your phones. The only way to save ourselves is to form a collective and prevent ourselves to end up in a Social Credit System like we see in China. Stop using the QR app today!
I give the final word to my fellow defender of Human Rights, Tamara Jubitana.

Tamara Jubitana:
We are standing up and rising up not only to defend all European citizens, but to defend all the citizens from the entire world: from Australia to Austria, from the Netherlands to the United States of America and from Belgium to Canada. Justice, freedom and democracy needs to be restored all around the world. Tribunals will be needed for this unprecedented disaster of global tyranny.

I am standing here in front of you as a master in laws, a human and a woman. More than ever, I am executing my freedom of speech. We all carry the responsibility for leaving behind a free (!) world for our descendants:
‘If you don’t want to stand up for yourself, then do it for your children. If you leave your children in a world where you never stood up. They will inherit a world where they never can.’

Hereby we plead for the Corona Passport to be prohibited and to implement the Independent European Human Rights Authority. We also request all citizens from all over the world to delete their QR-app.

Right at this very moment we all write history together. We have the choice to either close our eyes and look away ór open up our eyes and stand up and fight for our rights. My question to all of you is: ‘On which side of history are YOU standing?’