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Sep 30, 2022 What if we didn’t experience time as a limitation? What if we could access our desired state simultaneously alongside our current physical reality? This is what gives us access to parallel realities.

During a recent live session with No Limits Society, the questioner expressed frustration with a process he’s going through and the perceived limitation of time in his physical reality, which seems to be delaying his wish-fulfilled state.

Bentinho explains that if you can simply align to the state, or energy, of the wish-fulfilled state and let go of any need for it to appear in a certain way, then there might still be a sequence of appearances to take you through the illusion of linear time to end up at your destination. And if you don’t indulge in these processes with a sense of doubt (which will cause you to lose your footing in the end state), then there is no “process.”

Let the wish-fulfilled state exist for you, because it does exist! But appreciate it as already existent in its own domain or parallel reality. Don’t try to place your desired reality into this present reality; don’t tie the two realities together. Let go of your attachment to how, when and what will occur, because these conditions create an imaginary tie between those two realities, and there is no tie. They are literally alternate universes. Shifting between parallel versions of reality involves no causality.


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