Experiencing Death: an Insider's Perspective

For millennia, human beings have wondered what happens when we die. What is the first-person experience of dying and being brought back to life? Technological advances in resuscitation science have now added an intriguing new chapter to the literature of “out of body” or “near death experiences” by eliciting detailed and vivid accounts of those who have approached the threshold of death. However we might seek to explain such phenomena, it is no longer tenable to simply dismiss this accumulating body of firsthand experiences. Can these experiences be explained through the lens of biology and neuroscience?

What can we learn from the transformative accounts of those who have crossed the threshold of death? How have their experiences affected their sense of self and identity? Join neurologist Kevin Nelson, psychiatrist Peter Fenwick, orthopedic surgeon Mary Neal, and emergency medicine expert Sam Parnia as they share some of these remarkable stories and discuss how they analyze such experiences in light of their own backgrounds and training.

New York Academy of Sciences
Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Source : Nour Foundation


Fascinating discussion from different perspectives of the near death experience, especially the different perspectives regarding when physical death of the body actually occurs. Seems science hasn’t made up its collective mind yet, but at the same time, is open to explore this more, and hopefully move into a more metaphysical perspective, the understanding that death is an illusion, and all that entails.

I am reminded of a teaching by Da Pah Ekara San: “You have been told, and you have believed, the lie that your existence is limited to the physical body, and that you do not stretch beyond the confines of your skin. Yet, in truth, the Consciousness that exists inside of you generates the physical body and everything that exists beyond those mistakenly accepted boundaries of the Self, which, from a conscious perspective, by necessity, therefore must include the external body of the Whole.”

I also look forward to reading personal experiences about near death which can be posted to the Experiences/N.D.E. category here on Imzaia City.