From The Great Reset To The Great Awakening w/ Mark Gober

Source: Aubrey Marcus YT Channel

Jan 18, 2023, Aubrey Marcus Podcast

What is the Great Reset really all about?

In today’s podcast with prolific author and Princeton scholar Mark Gober, we dive deeply into the Great Reset–the topic of his latest book. As a guide to the conversation, we work our way into the 6 categories of the great reset and posit our own version of its antithesis, the great awakening.

Mark’s vision for the restructuring of society is built on the foundational tenets of both the non-aggression principle and the concept of voluntarism. This stimulating conversation also steers into spiritual concepts, covering the well documented life review phenomena common in near death experiences, spiritual beings, the field of belief, and much more.

Check out his latest book- An End to the Upside Down Reset.

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Time stamps:
00:00- Intro
00:58- The Great Reset & Awakening Overview
10:00- Culture, Justice, Equity, Inclusivity
33:04- Leftism vs Liberalism
37:54- The Non-Aggression Principle & NDEs
50:53- A Society Based Entirely On Private Property | Voluntarism
1:00:35- Politics
1:11:58- Economics
1:19:14- Non-dual Voluntarism
1:27:30- Acknowledging Spiritual Phenomena
1:51:45- “You will own nothing and be happy”
1:58:10- Elon Musk, Twitter, And Transparency
2:00:00- can’t attack first responders
2:06:55- The Field of Belief

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