God's Love & Your Destiny Fulfilled: Bentinho Massaro Online Retreat

Source: Bentinho Massaro YT Channel

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Bentinho’s intention for the retreat:

“By accessing the frequency of your Destiny Fulfilled, which exists in a timeless state of being, you are able to maintain a sense of unconquerable confidence in the face of the 3D time-bound events.

By abiding in God’s Love and the state of your Destiny Fulfilled, you will automatically attract the optimal and most joyful flow of events into your physical reality, because physical reality simply reflects your most dominant state of being.

God’s non-dual Love and the timeless conviction of the Destiny Fulfilled state are two of the most complete, fulfilling and unshakable states one can learn to identify and abide in.

I’d like everyone at this particular time especially to have at least the option available to them to understand and practice this at large.

With many, we can make a global difference in energy and outcome.”

Register here: https://www.bentinhomassaro.com/free-