Grace Versus Law: Neville Goddard

Source: Brian Scott YT Channel; The Reality Revolution:

Neville Goddard

Tonight’s subject is “Grace versus Law.” We’re told in the Book of John, the first chapter, “For law came or law was given through Moses; but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” (verse 17).

“Now grace is simply God’s gift of himself to man. Grace is unconditional; you do not earn it, it’s a gift, unearned, unmerited. No one can earn it. No one could be good enough to get it; therefore, all will receive it as a gift. Grace is the end: the end is God. So, when the psalmist said, “Lord, let me know my end,” for if I know the end then all that goes before it will then make sense. It gives meaning to everything that goes before it if I can see the end. The end may be far off in time, but do let me know my end, said the psalmist. Without knowing the end nothing seems to have meaning. All go towards the inevitable grave, but if I know the end, well, then I can sustain anything else in this world, I don’t care what it is. Show me the end.”

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