Headwind Episode 1: Sam Brokken, PT, MT, MSc, Lecturer in Health Sciences

Now finally with English subtitles comes this wonderful documentary that we encourage you to watch.

At Finca Don Carmelo in Andalucía, we received these six scientists for six personal portraits and a round table discussion. About the corona crisis and the price some had to pay for speaking out. About what the future holds for society and for them. Is the corona crisis over or is there more to come? Have we irrevocably entered the test and vaccine update society? And what about our privacy and our human rights? We discuss all this in this seven-part documentary. Six portraits of courageous scientists who kept their backs straight in the corona storm and one round table about the future of our society.

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San’a’ke @akeneic :sparkling_heart:

What a well-done video and heartfelt hats off to Headwin.tv and everyone involved. In a seemingly crazy world in which many nefarious, as well as good-intentioned people, are pushing various narratives and agendas, this is a refreshing and honest sharing of thoughts, feelings, and experience related to the “pandemic”. — done in a soft but straightforward way that could invite those on the fence or in fear about the issues we are facing, into a thought-provoking conversation and investigation about what is really happening and potentially why.

My favorite quote from Dr. Brokken, who shared that he always felt that “if in my life I can manage to move one pebble in the water, maybe that small pebble will have the ability to change the direction of the stream, and I hope that this may be that moment in my life because I don’t think people want to stay in this kind of situation forever.”

In my opinion, he has done just that, and I hope we see more of him on the world stage of common sense and sanity!

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