Healing as a Side Effect

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TITLE - Healing as a Side Effect

AUTHOR - Da Pah Ekara San


What does it take to manifest a thought? Or to manifest anything, like reality itself perhaps?
Find out in this Imzaia Clip by Da Pah Ekara San and spend the next 8 minutes learning about the simple metaphysical way of the magnetic, geometric & gravity fields that are always responding to your input and output.


Da Pah Ekara San: While working with hono’lyn’vah – or achieving hono’lyn’vah – is not per se a healing experience or anything like that, it is, ultimately, true that, as you begin practicing it, these things that have often been inverted geometrically or stuck for many years begin to come unstuck.

Ultimately, a manifestation has three phases, through which it becomes a physical manifestation. There are, therefore, three bodies on that level that work with this. You have, of course, the physical body itself, the physical body, which you could consider the gravity field. It has compressed everything into physical matter, in other words. It has taken vibration and put it into physical matter. And outside of that, right outside of that, you have the geometrical body. And outside of that body, you have the magnetic expression of the body.

And it is through those three expressions that, ultimately, something, anything – whether it is an anxiety or a physical ailment or a manifestation on the body or a manifestation around the body, anything that is, ultimately, in your environment, has traveled first magnetically expressed as a thought, which, ultimately, as you know, magnetics is the closest child to the ‘da’ expression, which is love. Magnetics is, ultimately, a vibrational expression of love and, therefore, this reality field, this Earth, has a magnetic field. And so do your bodies. And so does every single cell of the body, etc.

But as anything gets thought of or manifested, this will first become a magnetic frequency. Then, as it begins to solidify, it will move from a magnetic frequency into a geometrical pattern. In other words, the vibrational pattern of the manifestation – could even be a child about to be born – begins to take shape.

And eventually, if the continued focus on the manifestation is there even subconsciously, it will, ultimately, move from magnetic expression into geometric expression. In the best case scenario, that magnetic expression will be geometrically aligned with the active ingredients of San, much like you can see in the previous classes last year when Da Pah Kwan Yin San drew the geotrinities in the dahlyn expression, or they can be inverted geometries where a simple triangle can be lengthened to become inverted.

Or a good example of an inverted geometry that everybody will probably know about by now, is the new logo for the new Facebook company, which is now called Meta interestingly. But look at the infinity symbol that that company currently uses. If you look at it, you will notice that the center of the infinity is raised up, so that you get not this format [horizontal figure eight] but this square format. You can look up this logo. There you see an example of an inverted geometry.

Music by Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San

This clip is taken from a metaphysical lecture in 2 parts, called “A New Way of Human Being Can Begin” (2022).

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