How Does Reincarnation and the Afterlife Really Work?

Christina Rasmussen interviewed Tom Campbell for her Dear Life podcast and asked Tom in this excerpt from her interview: “How does reincarnation and the afterlife actually work?”

Although Tom has spoken on this subject many times before, in this excerpt he gives a particularly good summary of the how and why of the afterlife process and speaks directly to those who are concerned with whether they will forever be with their loved ones.

Your avatar is not immortal, except in the sense that the information that describes everything your avatar thought, felt and experienced is recorded and made available to all. You, as a subset of consciousness (an IUOC), are immortal – there is no end , only endless opportunities to evolve – to become whatever you can be.

Watch the video, discover the possibilities.


This is such a beautiful and amazing interview packs with precious truth !


San’a’ke :sparkling_heart: Loved this video and love Tom Campbell, who apparently chose an individual free will avatar to be the Mr. Rogers for humanity during this grand time of expansion and evolution to assist in unifying science, philosophy, physics and metaphysics, as well as helping others find purpose and meaning above the dross and humdrum of the ego-mind-personality experience and the illusions of “avatar life”.

Ascension, on the other hand, as students of the Imzaia material know, is the complete deconstruction of the ego, mind and personality construct altogether and freedom from illusion. Still, it is enjoyable and exciting to experience illuminating conversations that provide full-of-gems comforting explanations about the experience of death, the afterlife, and reincarnation, sure to touch many hearts and calm many minds in the ekaraia that is our chosen human experience on the ascension path.

Thank you very much for this illuminating post, Da Pah Kwan Yin San :sparkling_heart:


Dislike this description of the afterlife immensely , don’t buy into the speakers belief system at all ! Wouldn’t find it credible and find his body language and way of expressing himself very unbelievable . Think it is a horrible way to think of loved ones after death.

Thankfully there is lots of other after life research out there that would offer the hope of other alternatives


@bridmbrady :sparkling_heart::pray: A heartfelt welcome to Imzaia City. It is always exciting and wonderful to discover, while we share one heart (energetically), we all have different beliefs and ways of expressing ourselves and experiencing life. Thank you for your expression. I found this particular video quite comforting, especially knowing that our loved ones go on, as the eternal beings they are, not necessarily as the same persona and package of ego, mind, personality, and experience, but the same amazing, beautiful expression of life and its core element that can never be diminished, love – with the wonderful inherent opportunity (and purpose) to keep evolving and expanding. I hope you might find some comfort in that and wish you a wonderful exploration of all that is life and love, always. :sparkling_heart:


Hi Amber -San

Yes I suppose it’s interesting what one person may get comfort from , another would not ! I suppose that’s in all areas of life - comes down to personal preference ! But certainly I would get no comfort from a persona minus their memories , individuality and personality ! To me that is the core essence of those I love - so being of light with no memories or personality doesn’t do it for me at all !!! ! Also at the end of the day no one knows what happens until they cross over , it’s only all theory based ! I love exploring the theories ! Certainly there are people who’s experiences I find more credible than others - again just my opinion and personal preference !


Hi to you as well, dear Brid :sparkling_heart: For me, when I first came across the Imzaia material, I knew it was the most truth, enveloped and expressed in Love, that I had ever experienced and it is my chosen service to the whole. I have shifted from experiencing intense pain of separation to embracing that I, and all of us, here on earth or otherwise, ARE Love, no matter what the limitations of the mind would have me believe it to be, based on the programming we took on to be here now to learn and expand, in service to others and to the whole.

And of course, I am still learning. It does take a bit to accept that a lot of what we experience as life is based on programming and illusion. I promise you, though, there is a LOT of love and a LOT to explore, and great empowerment here for the choosing, to live from the heart-core inside out, where the awareness and presence of love, within ourselves and everyone becomes apparent, no matter what it may seem or where anyone is, and assists us in dealing with anything and everything. from a wonderful perspective that grows and grows and reminds us that we ultimately create our reality,. and that creation is based on love, joy, freedom, truth, life, gratitude, grace, and well-being.

May your future exploration likewise embrace you in the love that you are and expand eternally and infinitely!

For love and truth, from the Heart!

Love, Amber



Thank you for sharing @Bridmbrady! We’d love to see some posts of videos or accounts that you have come across in your exploration, as we envision IC as a place of many perspectives coming together! Please feel free to share!


Thank you so much for adding your perspective on the topic Bridmbrady.
I resonate very much with what Tom Campbell says here. I base this credibility and trust on very similar experiences. I kind of went from theory to practice…
I agree with when you say: Certainly there are people who’s experiences I find more credible than others
Lovingly :heart::bouquet::heart: