How To Be Done With Attachments | Bentinho Massaro

"It’s just a matter of clarity, it’s not a matter of attachment.

You’re only attached because you are not clear on the benefits and the detriments, and how it serves you; how much you’ve extracted all the benefit, all the nuggets, everything you want to learn.

Once you’ve extracted the lesson and the mastery, then the mastery expresses itself as dropping it or letting it go or it dissolving.

But the way to mastery is to actually appreciate it & extract the wisdom from the things that keep sticking to your Consciousness, so to speak; just bringing awareness to them lovingly and fiercely."

~ Bentinho Massaro


I love the simplicity expressed in this short clip, with gratitude to Bentinho Massaro and company. If we are tempted to perpetuate limitations or unnecessary processing, the simplicity of mastery once a lesson is learned with focus and balance, is that mastery expresses itself as a dissolving of that which we previously held onto – and once let go of, it can be as simple as brushing your teeth in the morning…:blush:

In Imzaia teachings, we are guided to actively express the active ingredients of creation - love, joy, freedom, truth, life, gratitude, grace, and well-being – which creates perfect focus and balance leading to mastery. :sparkling_heart:

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