How Understanding the Nature of Reality Ends Suffering

Source: Rupert Spira YT Channel:

How does understanding the nature of reality end our suffering? This amazing conversation between psychotherapist and philosopher Mark Vernon and Rupert Spira, takes you on a deep, fascinating and thought-provoking dive into how to end our suffering and find lasting peace and happiness.

Through their discussion on time, space, thought, perception, desire, intuition, being, the ego, consciousness and the now or present moment, as well as their references to the wisdom of ancient philosophers, poets, religious texts, scientific theories, spiritual traditions and teachings of masters in many religions and tribal cultures, we see that both the essence of all religions (from Islam to Christianity to Judaism, Taoism, Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism) and the study of our experience, reveals the same truth – that all is one.

And the nature of this one infinite being is peace and happiness.

In religious terminology we call this being God, and in non-religious language we often refer to it as consciousness, awareness or simply being.

We also see that it is always ‘now’. And it’s always ‘here’. We never experience ‘then’, we never experience ‘there’ – when we get to ‘there’ it is always here. The here and now are the hint in our waking state of the nature of reality.

Our misunderstanding the nature of reality and seeing our self as separate from everyone and everything, rather knowing our self as this one infinite being is what leads to all our suffering.

This non-dual (not two) understanding of the nature of reality is known as non-duality or advaita vedanta.

00:00 Introduction
04:04 Suffering and the way to end it
16:54 Death and overcoming the fear of it
23:33 How contemplating the nature of time and space heals
33:34 The nature of thought, perception and the objects of manifestation
38:18 Where happiness is found and misunderstanding its cause
42:07 Desire, love and the erotic in spirituality as the divine reality
58:35 The role of Imagination and intuition in cleansing the mind
1:02:47 The different regions of the mind and messengers of the divine
1:11:59 Life’s courageous journey into oneness