I Am Awareness over Matter

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This is a 15 minute clip featuring Da Jeshua San, taken from an Ascension Radio episode, in which a personal encounter with a mosquito leads to a discussion on the concept of I Am Awareness.

Da Jeshua San invites you to raise your level of awareness to the holographic nature of reality and to explore your consciousness and its aware, or unaware, interaction with the reality that surrounds you as your creation.


Da Jeshua San: I was sitting in my room working at my computer on my bed feeling very peaceful and one with all things. I was/am in a very good, balanced mode, in line with the spirit I am within… and then there was a mosquito buzzing about. After the door had already slammed several times because of the wind and I was able to maintain my I AM consciousness state of awareness, I could not maintain my level with the mosquito. I am aware that when the mosquito acted I became the reactor and at that moment identified with my body. My reaction was to scold the mosquito to GO AWAY. I actually said it out loud. I got up and closed the window but after that the mosquito plague only got worse. I wrote a question to myself, to Da Pah Ekara San, or to whomever wanted to listen:

How do you act as I AM in a reactive universe that dominates you into being the reactor instead of the actor?

Funny thing was, in the course of writing down my question, the answer was beginning to form, which was:

Now, I am awareness over matter is actually a good one in the ascension teaching that I have done with people throughout my lifetimes and generations. We did exercises that allowed people to move their consciousness into a flying bird, merge with the bird and observe the landscape, for example. You just change your point of observation at that time. But being awareness over matter is quite a different thing altogether.


This is an excerpt from a larger ascension talk between Da Jeshua San and ascension students some linear years ago.

My first experience with this conversation via Ascension Radio helped me a lot in opening up generally, and specifically through exploring how it would be to consciously create and change my reality and to impact the hologram, as a matter of conscious choice and practice, knowing I AM awareness over matter and that I AM awareness….very up close and personally.

This was a major marker on my path that led to several big jumps afterwards, vectors leading me to being here now. I will cherish this wonder-full conversation with Da Jeshua San for all eternity, and invite you to click on the link above to Imzaia World for the transcript of this teaching, and read it as often as you can.

There is great wisdom there and a loving invitation to put the awareness of the I Am, of consciousness, of what we already know when we open to imagination and the truth of who we are as magnificent creators of our reality in serviice to the whole, in full focus and practice – wherever we may be on our individual paths and experience of life, and of love.