Joe Rogan & Hosh Homme Talk Esther Hicks & The Law of Attraction

Source: JRE Clips, Taken from JRE #1387 w/Josh Homme: - YouTube

Interesting conversation about “discovering” self-empowerment through channeled material for the first time, and using this information in a positive, powerful way to change and/or enhance one’s life and well-being.

I, for one, LOVE Abraham and Esther Hicks, who in my experience are here to lovingly and joyfully assist us all in living in a vibrational reality (which can be experienced, loved, and transcended to even more expansive realities). This podcast clip is an honest, and in my opinion, helpful nudge, for anyone wanting to tip their big toe into more, including channeled or what may seem like “woo woo” avenues of information or empowerment, but may be hesitating. I say with great love, use your discernment by trusting your heart, and go for it!

When the student is ready, the teacher appears…

Da Amber San