JZ Knight on Creating Realiy: 2 of 3

Ramtha through JZ Knight has captivated and inspired audiences worldwide for 30 years. His teachings have empowered tens of thousands of people to consciously create their reality and change their lives in ways that exceed their expectations and what they thought possible.


San’a’ke o Da Jason San :sparkling_heart: Have you seen David Icke’s recent podcast about QAnon being a psyop, posted by @akeneic? David Icke, who’s been a roaring lion advocating for truth, freedom and more, makes some really good points. And, from my perspective, studying and practicing the Pah will generate the expression and experience of permanent states of love, joy, freedom, truth, life, gratitude, grace and well-being, or San, from the inside out, like never before! Thank you for your comment and being an active presence here on Imzaia City and Imzaia World! I look forward to sharing this journey together and all that entails as well as to inter-creating and enjoying the experience of a new earth, in service to the Whole.

San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e :pray::sparkling_heart:

p.s. here is a link to David Icke’s podcast: QAnon is a Psyop


Enjoy the series and thank you for your comment! :sparkling_heart::pray:

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