Law of One: Love Is The Great One Original Thought (Q'uo)

“Love is the great One Original Thought. It cannot be bought. It cannot be manipulated, and it cannot be killed. It may become obvious that we are not speaking of romantic love, which is prey to all these difficulties. We are not speaking of the love of friendship or any other definition of love which may be put into words. Indeed, could we find an unique word which would express the beautiful, terrible Love which created all that there is, we would use it. Yet this concept lies so far within the area of the deeper mind its reality can only be reached through the non-words which may be called faith. This Love is single, and within it are all things, all entities, thoughts, artifacts, seeming objects and each and every energy within the infinity of creation. Each of you is Love. This is your reality, your absoluteness, your unchangeable nature, your Truth”. - Q’uo

L/L Research, March 21, 2019