Leaked Pentagon Video - Using Vaccines to Modify Human Behavior

This video shows a presentation to the U.S.Department of Defense/Pentagon officials “pitching” a respiratory or rhinovirus vaccine for use in altering the gene that creates religious fanaticism…

Source: davidicke.com, originally posted to YouTube on Dec. 29, 2012 by Janine Sachs, who states that “I’ve looked very closely at this clip & I see no evidence of editing (being familiar with the editing process myself). There are no breaks or cuts. The voice matches lip movements, gestures & content. whilst it’s possible that the date/time/location stamp could be overlayed, that info is immaterial to the (dire) veracity of the content.”

Meme by davidicke.com re. the current COVID-19 vaccine(s):: The vaccine (implying the COVID-19 vaccine) is not a vaccine. It is a DNA-manipulating medical procedure that does not meet the definition of ‘vaccine’.

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