Lex Fridman and Anya Fernald: Regenerative Farming and Cooking Meat

An alternative exploration and discussion regarding factory farming, the humane treatment of animals, and human health related to cooking and the food we prepare and eat, shared by Lex Fridman and:Anya Fernald:

"Anya Fernald is the co-founder of Belcampo farms, chef, and regenerative agriculture expert.

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0:00 - Introduction
3:04 - Cooking is an art and a service
4:43 - Food is health
6:45 - Anticipation makes food taste better
8:36 - Lex on breaking the 72 hour fast
12:47 - Falling in love with cooking
14:28 - Alienation during the diet
17:09 - Cooking advice for minimalists
23:14 - Complexity of coconut oil
26:35 - Anya’s favorite meal
33:18 - Sources of heat
35:46 - Why do people freak out about barbecue
38:58 - Does the origin of the meat itself make a difference?
41:06 - What is regenerative farming?
45:16 - AI will be a better farmer than humans
49:18 - Carbon negative farming is possible right now
51:05 - Certified Humane
54:34 - Evolutionary diet of animals
57:17 - Neuralink can help us understand animals
1:01:13 - All grass-fed meat made the same?
1:05:58 - Health benefits of grass-fed beef
1:10:30 - What does it take to be a woman CEO of a meat company?
1:17:58 - Making cheese for Italian mafia
1:21:56 - How to judge a good meal?
1:23:58 - The best meal in the world
1:31:49 - Anya played oboe in the Sicily municipal band
1:33:23 - Hunting has inspired regenerative farming
1:38:07 - Meaning of life
1:39:27 - Advice for young people: grow through discomfort

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