Lucid Dreaming with Alan Wallace, Stephen LaBerge, Fariba Bogzaran

A panel with Alan Wallace, Stephen LaBerge, Fariba Bogzaran and
moderated by Daniel Deslauriers.

What do Eastern and Western philosophy, neuroscience and phenomenology have to say about the experience of lucid dreaming? Can lucid dreaming contribute to how we understand consciousness and the sense of self? Each of the discussants brings a particular inflection to the study of lucid dreaming through their personal experience and professional roles, together combining scientific research, contemplative practices and creative phenomenology. In this dialogue we explore how these disciplines help us to understand the nature of consciousness, in waking and in sleep.


Fascinating and enjoyable conversation from different but similar experience and expression about lucid dreaming, perception, awareness, consciousness, and reality… I found myself feeling into how planetary and personal ascension, for example, may have been like for a planet such as Venus, and how lucid dreaming might expand and evolve on a planetary scale “here”, where one might consider that in body and lucid out of body states, might merge in which the dreamer or observer and the so-called dream become one and science would not only evolve as a result, but become a fully metaphysical awareness.

I digress. Lucid dreaming is typically an empowering and constructive experience and it is exciting to consider, Thank you for this enlightening, up close and personal post!

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I am happy you love it Da Amber San! It also felt a fascinating and enjoyable conversation on many levels.

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Da’ka’ya Da Ekaraia Gaia San :heart: Some day soon, perhaps, we can share our lucid dreaming experience! Have had some doozies and I know you have, too :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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