Marcel Messing on The Trueman Show | 2

Video in Dutch, with English Subtitles.

For this 42nd episode, we (once again) travelled down to the south of France, to a small village in the Pyrenees. We were invited by the legendary Marcel messing himself. For the second time, Marcel still had plenty to discuss that we did not get to last time.

This time we didn’t sit down in his living room, but instead settled down in his impressive library. During our first visit, he’d given us an extensive tour of the library. My jaw was literally on the floor in astonishment. It’s unbelievable how much knowledge is stored there. A Valhalla for those who try to understand the way the world truly works. Marcel himself reads three books a day, thus an extensive library is a necessity. I’m very grateful our conversation could take place in such an inspiring location.

In this conversation, Marcel and I elaborated on what exactly awaits us in the future (including the near future). As he has been right on nearly every point made in his 2006 book Worden Wij Wakker (We Awaken), I gladly hear him out. We discussed \ the HAARP, the fake alien invasion, etc. He not only tells us what awaits us but also what we can do to prepare us for it. Particularly in the spiritual sense: The path inside. The stripping away of your fabricated person. Your ego. To free yourself from the mental prison. The role of spirituality and with that the influence of false spirituality/spiritual bypassing and new age.

Almost every conversation I have inspires me in one way or another, but this one especially. All the words he spoke about spirituality, ego, and the path inside hit home hard. I felt every letter. Perhaps because I feel that this is the way, the way to true liberation. But also because I still have a lot of work to do myself in this area. It was a mirror that I needed, one I think can be helpful to many others.

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I am sure I have watched this before in another forum, and simply wish to share that a conversation with Marcel Messing is truly a fascinating, pleasant experience in which one not only can glean a lot of great information and opportunity for expansion, but intrinsically feels right there, sitting together sharing a glass of great French wine together, and having lived Marcel’s fascinating and enlightening journey with him.