Marcel Messing on The Trueman Show | 3

Video in Dutch, with English Subtitles.

"For this 58th episode we traveled for the third time to the French Pyrenees to visit Marcel Messing.

The man I can now call my teacher. 25 hours in the car in 48 hours. And it was totally worth it, as always.

Marcel regularly calls me to ask how I am doing and to tell me about new research he has done or to keep me informed about, for example, new books he is writing. Sometimes something interesting comes up and we decide it’s time for a new podcast. This time we discussed the phenomenon of chem trails, the climate, the inner earth, the Annunaki, CERN, the game of incarnation, the way to real liberation, the way in and much more.

At the end of our conversation Marcel reads a piece from his book called “Het Would der Inwijding" or in English: "The Forest of Initiation”. It was recently rewritten and re-released (in Dutch).

Every trip to Marcel is a very special one for me. In the first place because I learn a lot, but also because it inspires me every time in a new way. Hope it can inspire you too!"

Source: Jorn Luka

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