Neville Goddard - A Summary (The Truth of Imagination, A Re-cap of His Teachings for "Old" & "New" Students)

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Intro: Brian Scott:

Usually once a year Neville would do a lecture to summarize his teachings for that year.

Neville Goddard
Summary 6/29/65

Intro: Neville Goddard:

"Well, this being the last night, I thought I would make it a sort of summary and bring back to your mind the things that I have tried to say, how successfully I do not know. Your results are, really, the only indicator I have. If you realize your objectives, if you really had a goal when you came here and applied this technique and you realized it, well, then to that extent I have succeeded.

So when we discuss the law, I want you to know that you are the operant power; it doesn’t operate itself. If I say to you imagining creates reality, I mean it. But you may know that and to a certain degree believe it, but not quite trust it.

And you’ve got to trust it-that when you imagine an end, don’t be concerned with the means, just the end, and really believe it. That’s the only act, really, that you’re called upon to do. I am not saying that you’re not going to act thereafter; but your act, your real act is simply complete faith in the reality of the imaginal act."

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