Neville Goddard: Christmas

Source: Brian Scott YT Channel/The Reality Revolution

"This being the last and Christmas follows within a week, I thought it best to give this as the last of the year. So my subject tonight is “Christmas,” as misunderstood as all the other great mysteries of scripture are. There are supposed to be one billion Christians and a week from tomorrow millions will fill the churches and hear the story as it never took place. So tonight I want to share with you what I know of Christmas from my own personal experience. The evangelists are not recording incidents of the past as you record the story, say, of Abraham Lincoln.

They tell what happened in the depths of the soul of Jesus. The resurrection, the birth from above, the discovery of the fatherhood of God, the rending of the curtain of the temple from top to bottom, the serpentine ascent of the Son of man, and the descent of the dove upon the risen Christ were seen and heard by none save Jesus.

No mortal eye witnessed this series of events, yet man believes that at the birth a woman with her spouse were present when it happened, and three shepherds, mortal men, came in flesh and blood and witnessed it; and then the crowds came. They’ve even added things like the donkey and the little lamb and things of that sort. As the years go on they build it up and they really believe that these series of events were witnessed by mortal eye…and they were not.

The evangelists were not telling that story…an entirely different story. They were not interested in the events in the life of Jesus between the physical birth and his physical death; they were simply concerned in telling the story of salvation. Theirs was essentially, well, a revelation of the risen Christ. The Jesus you read about in the gospels is one with your own wonderful “I am,” that’s Jesus.

One day you will discover it, one day you will know it from experience by the same series of supernatural experiences. Always bear in mind that Jesus is a wholly supernatural being. He’s in you now, actually in you now. When you say “I am,” before you say anything, that’s Christ Jesus. But he’s not awakened, he’s not aroused, but that’s Christ Jesus. And everything recorded in scripture of that Christ Jesus you will experience; for there’s only one Christ Jesus." -

Neville Goddard

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