Neville Goddard: Freedom For All (Unabridged Audiobook)

Read and compiled by Brian Scott, The Reality Revolution, who opens the video by declaring that this is the best book ever written by Neville Goddard and it is all about freedom:

Notes & Permissions:

"Public opinion will not long endure a theory, which does not work in practice. Today, probably more than ever before, man demands proof of the truth of even his highest ideal.

Drawn from the author’s own mystical illumination, Freedom for All reveals the truth buried within the stories of the old and new testaments alike.

Briefly, the book states that consciousness is the one and only reality—that consciousness is the cause, and manifestation is the effect. It draws the reader’s attention to this fact constantly, that the reader may always keep first things first. Having laid the foundation that a change of consciousness is essential to bring about any change of expression, this book explains a dozen different ways to bring about such a change of consciousness.

Freedom for All outlines a realistic and constructive principle that works. The revelation it contains will, if applied correctly, set you free.

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The video contained was used with permission by Julius Horsthuis"