Neville Goddard: Live In The End

Source: Brian Scott YT Channel/

Neville Goddard Lecture – Live In The End . . 07-19-1968

“If I could this very moment imagine myself into a state . . any state at all . . and dwell in it, well now, what is “dwelling in it”? Well, I’m dwelling in it. Well, that’s Christ! And that is the resurrecting power of the universe. So, if I remain in a state, I will resurrect it and objectify it in my world. But I have to select it and enter the state. If the spectator could enter into any of these states in his imagination, approaching the state on the fiery chariot of his contemplative thought . . what would it be like if it were true? How would I feel if I were now the man that I would like to be? How would I know that I could become it? . . Well, first, as I assume that I AM it, let me think of my friends . . those who really would rejoice with me were it true. Let me imagine that I am seeing them in my mind’s eye. How do they see me? If what I am assuming is true, they should see me as I am seeing myself, and if they are friends, they should rejoice with me. So, let me now assume that I am seeing reflected on the face of a friend that which, if I saw it, would imply he sees in me that which I have assumed that I AM. Will that work? Try it! I tell you, from my own personal experience, it works.”

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